To the heights of heights of the Sea,

feelings revealing like majesty.

As I look up at the star and gaze,

I’m starving to see your face.

Your smile brought me serenity.

Your laughters gives me tranquility.

You’re my strength and weakness.

You’re my gentlemen to fairest.

You’re my past and present

My yesterday and today, omnipotent

Ever for future i have still a forward view

of a tomorrow of still happy being with you.

Leaving nor giving up on you is never

my addiction to you is so severe

this love cause us this power

to teleport us in the land they called FOREVER.

Love-Wallpapers-love-33002117-1600-1000 (1)

I promise not to leave you no matter how hard

Even though death will came to set apart

Even I close my eyes this night

My love will remain until the tomorrow came so bright.


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