Growing Up


As we sat there in our classroom my classmate told us that we now only have 20 days left together, my other classmates agreed to her and says “ ala guys, gra-graduate natayo, parang kailan lang noong first year tayo diba.” In that moment something have come to my mind, “what will gonna be my life in the future without this guys.” Sometimes memories invites us to look in the past, I still remember when I first step in the ground of Luna National High School wearing a white top and a blue skirt, I feel like everything has change from my elementary life to my high school life. I do not know either who will I meet here, what kind of people are they, and who will I gonna be close to. Time past by and we didn’t even notice that we are now proceeding to our next journey of our high school life, I didn’t even notice how close I am now with my classmates. I always think that just like our first year experience that was filled of joys but our second year has not been like that. Yes, it has been very wonderful and exciting but for me it is the most challenging one. We have reached the point that we have been divided in many groups even though our classroom has only four walls. We open up ourselves that we should not end our friendship like this, we have freed our hard feelings to each other, and we learn to forgive and to forget. I remember how we had to be strong and unite as a family, we have built a company we call VIBES GANG that has always been full of happiness and good vibes.


                I have plenty of good times just as many bad times in my two years of staying here at LNHS, the only thing I can say is that I learned a lot, not just through books but also with the experienced we have made. When I was still a child I am dying to experience all the new and exciting things that I had wished and one of it is to attend the JS Prom, some says that you will miss one-fourth of your life if you miss this once in a lifetime event, and they did not go wrong JS is one of my unforgettable experience. Now that I’m on my fourth and last year of high school and the road of life is now ahead of me, I thank God for what he had given me and for what I am today. From an inexperienced child, some things have really changed me to be a better person like what I am today. I will leave high school with the memories I will treasure forever, I do not know what life is after our graduation and what life does without my VIBES GANG family. All I know is that I can’t imagine life without these guys and all I can do is enter a world that is entirely my own.


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